Group building-Yichang two-day tour

2019 We meet Yichang Three Gorges, Passion Waterfall, Qingjiang Gallery, cool summer. To enrich the cultural life of our employees and improve the company’s welfare, we would like to thank all the staff for their hard work and hard work. The company specially organized this event and hoped to promote mutual understanding and mutual solidarity among employees through this event.

The event lasted for two days, and there were two main activities, namely, the Three Gorges Waterfall and the Qingjiang Gallery. After all the company members got off the bus, we went through a five-hour drive and finally arrived at the beautiful scenery and suitable temperature in Yichang. The first trip to the Three Gorges Waterfall area.

The Three Gorges Waterfall is a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot. It is known as “China’s Top Ten Famous Waterfalls”. The Three Gorges Waterfall has a total length of 5 kilometers. It is against the water, and some of them are soothing and soothing. They suddenly fall, and there are sounds. Pour down along the rock wall; some are interlocking, waterfalls and waterfalls are connected, forming a rare cascade waterfall, beautiful, enjoying the deep canyon, Qingshan Pinnacle, clear water, flying waterfall, the Three Gorges Waterfall 102 The meter is nearly 80 meters wide and flows straight down. It is like a rainbow and is spectacular. Along the way, you can see dozens of natural landscapes such as the paper paste hole, the Tibetan Buddhist cave, the long bridge Feidu, the four, the wild man valley, the macaque paradise, the fairy waterfall, the pearl waterfall, and the Xiaofeng Buddha. Experience the unique zero-distance “wearing” waterfall in the waterfall, let people fully feel the joy and passion of the “collective wet body”, let us relax and enjoy the game. After the tour, drive to the hotel.

On the second day, we drove to the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area of the national AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot, arrived at the parking lot parking lot of the Qingjiang Gallery in Geheyan, watched the dam of the Heyman Hydropower Station, and traveled to the Tujia Wind and Rain Corridor to feel the Tujia blowing the welcome music. Cross the Ba people time and space tunnel and visit the Tujia style street. Qingjiang Gallery travels on a boat and takes a boat trip to the Tujia family’s birthplace – Wuluo Zhongli Mountain, along the way to see the beautiful scenery of the Qingjiang River: Qingjiang Small Three Gorges, 30 degrees north latitude island, Jiangjun Island, Pingluo Lake, Fairy Peak, and Mount Foshan Waiting for the landscape, after arriving at Wuluozhong Mountain, after the Chinese meal, visit Wuluozhong from the mountainous area: Xiangwang Temple, Shishentai, Salt Goddess Stone Statue, Xiangwang Temple, Baihutang, and worshipping Tujia ancestors.

Through this event, the communication between our employees has deepened, the friendship and cohesion between the groups have been strengthened, and more importantly, we have relaxed our mind and body, and then we will work in a better state to meet the bigger The challenge.

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