Conectores M23 Panel Receptacle Hex Flange 6Pin Male Straight Cable Solder Back Mount

Part No.:M23-06-S-2-S-B-W

Tags: M23 Panel Receptacle,,6pin,Male,Straight,For Cable,Solder, Back Mount


  • 12 Months” Quality Insurance;
  • FREE sample available for quality test;
  • Thread locking mechanism, 23mm metric size, central lock;
  • Easy quick connect and disconnect coupling;
  • Pin configurations: 6、7、9、12、16、17、19 positions;
  • Shield and un-shield Version Available;
  • Meets IP67/IP68 waterproof requirements;
  • From the OEM Original Factory, same quality with much better price.

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Technical Characteristics

Series M23 Series
Coding A/B/D/C
Connection Type M23 Panel Receptacle
Number of Contacts 6、7、9、12、16、17、19 positions
Gender Male/Female
Orientation Straight/Angled
Termination Solder
Rated Current 20A for 6/7 pin, 8A for 9/12/16/17/19 pin
Rated Voltage 250V for 6/7/9 pin, 150V for 12/16/17/19 pin
Insulation resistance ≥1000 MΩ
Contact resistance <3 MΩ
Temperature Range -40°C ~ + 125°C
IP Rating IP67/IP68
Wire gauge 2.5mm²/(14AWG) for 6/7 pin, 1.5/2.5mm²/(16/14AWG) for 9 pin, 1.0mm²/(18AWG) for 12/16/17 pin, 1.0/1.5mm²/(18/16AWG) for 19 pin