DIN1.6/5.6 Connector Crimp Type Plug Right Angled for RG316

Part No.:RHT-618-0001

Tags:Cable Connector, plug/male, Angled/90°, RG316,DIN1.6/5.6, Crimp Type

  • 12 Months’ Quality Insurance;
  • FREE sample available for quality test;
  • Miniature design only requried limited space for installation;
  • Threaded coupling version ensure safty and high durability;
  • Good performance at 75Ω impendance and up to 1GHz frequency.

Technical Characteristics

Frequency Range 0~1 GHz
Impendance 75 ohm
VSWR Straight type ≦ 1.3max / R/A type ≦ 1.5max
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1000 V rms
Working Voltage  335 V rms
Center Contact Resistance ≦ 4.0 mΩ  (Milliohms max.)
Outer Contact Resistance 2.0 mΩ  (Milliohms max.)
Insultation Resistance ≧ 10⁴ mΩ
Coupling M9 x 0.5 Thread
Contact Retention 6 lbs min.
Mating Durability ≧500 cycles (For Beryllium Copper Contact)
Environmental Characteristics -40°C ~ +155°C