Female USB Type C Right Angled SMT and DIP

Part No.:RHT-692-1279

Tags:USB3.0,Type C,Female/Jack,Right Angled/90°,SMT,DIP,Through Hole


  • USB3.0,Type C,Female/Jack,Right Angled/90°,SMT,Through Hole,PCB Mount;
  • Reversible plug and cable orientation for better user experience;
  • Smaller connector size saves space;
  • Easy and Quick usage;
  • High Quality with 30 days 100% Money back;
  • From the OEM Original Factory, same quality with much better price.

Technical Characteristics

Volatage Rating 5V AC
Contact Rating 5.0A
Contact Resistance 40 milliohms max
Insulation Resistance 100 megohms
Withstanding Voltage 100V AC
Mating force 5N to 20N
UNmating force 8N to 20N
Durability 10,000 mating cycles
Operating Temperature -30°C~ + 85°C

VSWR: Voltagge Standing Wave Ratio

Material & Finish

Part Material Finish
Housing High Temperature Polymer UL94V-0, Black
Shell Stainless Steel ——
Contact Copper Alloy ——