FME Connector Straight Cable Mount 2GHz Jack Crimp Termination 50Ω

Part No.: RHT-618-0201

Tags:Cable Connector, plug/male, Straight/180°, RG174,DIN1.0/2.3, Crimp Type

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Technical Characteristics

Frequency Range 0~4 GHz for 50 ohm, 0~2 GHz for 75 ohm
Impendance 50 ohm or 75 ohm
VSWR  Straight type ≦ 1.3max / R/A type ≦ 1.5max
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 750 V rms
Working Voltage 250 V rms
Center Contact Resistance ≦ 6.0 mΩ  (Milliohms max.)
Outer Contact Resistance 3.0 mΩ  (Milliohms max.)
Insulation Resistance  ≧ 10⁴ mΩ
Coupling Push-pull
Contact Retention 4 lbs min.
Mating Durability ≧500 cycles (For Beryllium Copper Contact)
Environmental Characteristics -40°C ~ +155°C

Material & Finish

Description Material Finish
Body Cooper  Nickel