What’s the structure of RJ45 connector?

What is RJ45 connectors?

RJ is the abbreviation of Registered Jack, which means registered socket. And it is the interface that describes the public telecommunication network in the standards of FCC (US Federal Communications Commission).

RJ series connectors are widely used in civil, industrial, medical, communications and other fields. They have a bright future in civilian areas, such as telephone, network adapter, PC, Notebook, Router/Switch, security cameras, game consoles and other devices. Commonly, RJ connector series can be divided into RJ11, RJ14, RJ25 and RJ45 Ethernet interface (network interface).

The following numbers of RJ connector represent the number of wires. So the RJ45 connector is a standard 8-bit modular interface of a computer network. There are many ways of common saying, for example, RJ45 socket, RJ45 connector, RJ45 network port, RJ45 female socket, and so on.  Renhotec mainly offer RJ45 connector for PCB/Panel mount, and RJ45 cable.

3 Structure of RJ45 connectors

The basic structure of the RJ45 network connector always includes three parts.

  1. the contacts;
  2. insulation;
  3. the shielding case (depending on species maybe).

RJ45 Female Connector 2*6 Double Row 12 Port with Shield and Without LED

The Contacts

The contacts of the RJ45 network connector is the core functions of the parts for electrical connection. Usually, the contact pair composed of male and female contacts are mated to complete the electrical connection.

The positive contact of rigid parts, which shape is cylindrical (round pins), square column (square pin) or flat-shaped (inserts). Positive contacts generally made of brass, phosphor bronze. I.e.

As to the negative socket contact, the contact is part of the key, it relies on an elastic structure with the pin insertion timely elastic deformation force of the elastic contact member into close contact with the positive, to complete the connection.

The insulator

The insulator. Often referred insulator body, a base (base) or mounting plate (insert), its role is to make contact by location and spacing of the required arrangement, and to ensure that the contact between the RJ45 network connector member and the contact member and the housing insulation between. Good insulation resistance, voltage resistance and ease of processing are the basic requirements to select the insulating material.

The Housing

Housing. Also known as the shell (shield), the RJ45 network connector housing, which provides insulation and contacts built mechanical protection, and provides plug and socket plug timely alignment, and then secure the connector to the device.

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